Externalizing Caligination

by Visions of the Night


The bargain ep!
Old school production, 4 songs (2 redone from the first album) plus a bonus video
1) The Summoning Liturgy
2) The Nocturnal Resistance
3) Postalled 2005
4) Besieged by Demons 2005


released October 10, 2005




Visions of the Night Toronto, Ontario

VotNs' style now easily ranks alongside their more well known peers in the genre.
2013's 'Guerrillas within their Midst' featured Todd Hansen (THE BERZERKER, KING PARROT) on session drums and a guest vocal appearance by Rob Urbinati (SACRIFICE).

VotN has performed tours in Canada, USA, Japan, Australia & Taiwan and will very shortly be announcing another one in Asia in November 2015.
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